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How do I track my Keyword Campaign?

Our SEO Platform automatically generates a Keyword report every week.
Your emailed report will show the past keyword ranking, improvement statistics, current ranking on Google, and expected results.

Do you guarantee results?

Our clients have been extremely successful gaining First Page Results on Google.
We guarantee keyword ranking improvement in 90 days.

Do you accept any websites?

No. We do not all accept websites into our SEO Platform. Some of these websites include, but are not limited to, pornography, human/animal rights, and/or distasteful content. We reserve the right to allow/deny inclusion into our SEO Platform at our discretion. Email us if you are not sure if your website is acceptable for our platform.

How quickly will I see results?

All situations are different. On average our clients see keyword ranking improvement in 2-3 weeks.
You should expect more significant results in the first 90 days.

What if my rank doesn't improve in 90 days?

We will refund your money. We guarantee within 90 days your keyword rank will improve.

How do I cancel services if needed?

Simply email your account manager and your account will be cancelled at the end of the month.

Do you do partial refunds?

Once you pay for the month of service, that payment is not refundable.
If you cancel your plan, your cancellation will be effective on the last day of the month.